The top four rows of Pascal's triangle surrounded by question marks indicating spots that don't yet have a known value. Two of the question marks have arrows pointing to them. One of the arrows says 'what goes here?' while the other says 'or here?'
Extending Pascal's Triangle

Today we'll extend Pascal's triangle to before its starting point to finally answer the question: why does it only go in one direction?

Eighteen fractals in a six by three grid.
Fractal Gallery

Explore a gallery of fractal designs created by others, and click any fractal's image to open it in fullscreen, so you can better explore it on your own device.

zSnout's Ithkuil script generator, with "Wattunkí ruyün!" as the input.
Ithkuil Script Generator

Quickly write in the block script of the constructed language Ithkuil using our simple online SVG generator. Handles formatives, referentials, and adjuncts.

kotoli ie na ljeva obs, risoli ie na ljeva unna, kotoba 'al' au tatoeba fsore au lykko fsore au kundrko fsore ie na mygy.

Libre afto har kotoba mange au riso au imi au tatoeba, per maxaklar kotobafto na du. Jam riso klarmange au siruting mange. Da lera os leragen kotoba f'viossa mit librafto, vjosali!


Yet Another Web Framework

I've learned a lot since the last time I designed a mini-web framework, and today we're going to build off that knowledge to make a fast reactivity system and JSX hook.


Learning toki pona

Recently, I've been learning a minimalistic language known as toki pona. Today we'll explore my journey in learning toki pona and how you can learn it for yourself.

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Debug: Math to GLSL

A tool for debugging the math to GLSL converter used internally by the Fractal Explorer and other pages featuring customizable mathematical content.

Deduplicate Text

A tool that removes repeated letters in text. For example, 'Hello world' is converted to 'He wrld.'

Fake Gradient

Can enough randomness make a smooth image? Find out by using this tool, which generates a customizable grayscale gradient using randomness.

Fractal Explorer

Explore beautiful mathematical fractals by using custom equations, zooming deeply into nested structures, and adjusting many settings to vary the color scheme.

Ithkuil Font Generator

Convert written Ithkuil text into a format suitable for use with the IthkuilBasic and IthkuilFlow fonts. Handles formatives, referentials, and adjuncts.

Ithkuil Formative Generator

Create words in Ithkuil by selecting grammatical categories from dropdowns and searching through roots and affixes. Comes with a built-in glosser.

Ithkuil Script Cheat Sheet

A single-page cheat sheet containing all the Ithkuil script core shapes and extensions.

Trope Highlighter

A tool which colors Hebrew words based on their tropes. Great for learning Torah passages, as you can learn the sounds of colors rather than trying to find tiny trope markers.

sitelen pona typist

Practice typing using the sitelen pona keyboard layout from by choosing which keys to practice with and which ones to ignore.


zSnout 7

See the previous generation of zSnout's site, featuring over 50 pages. Includes puzzles, learning tools, spinning turntables, and 4 versions of the Storymatic language.